1. How to reset a password from the login screen

It means you should enter the password two times. Your user account password has been reset. Now you can reboot your computer to sign in with the new password. If you remember your old password, you can update the keychain password. You have these three options.

Again they believe that there is not any way to reset the password.

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Step 1. Step 2. So type the following commands after one another. Step 3.

How To Reset Mac Password In No Time

Step 4. When the system boots, you will see the installation process when you setup macOS for the first time.

Step 5. Create a new user account. Step 6. Step 7. Step 9. Type the new password and verify it. Now, log out of your account and navigate to your old account with the new password you have created in step 9.

What you can do if you forget your password on a FileVault-protected Mac | Macworld

With these two easy steps, you can reset forgotten macOS High Sierra Just create a new user and reset the old user password. Follow this step by step guide. If you have any question feel free to comment below this post and we will try to the response it within 24 hours.

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That was awesome, the very idea of creating admin user and resetting password of another user is simple and genuine. Hi sir, i tried your 2nd option. Did i miss something in the process? I have a related problem. I forgot my mac password and since reset my icloud password. I tried changing my Admin name and password, I think I made a mistake during the process.

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Is there another way to change my admin name and password? The setup assistant ever launches. Any ideas? You can use the First method. When I attempt to reset password as you describe, my screen requires the old lost password! None works. Then when I restart my computer, It seems like nothing been changed. Getting tired of this.

After a lot of tries, with other website, I found your method with better explanation. Any more tip. Thank you. Very good explanation! Very good job! Just updated to High Sierra grand master and it blew out my password — Arrgh. It seems as though you can't go a day without hearing about a security breach or a ransomware attack that has impacted hundreds of thousands of individuals and cost millions of dollars' worth in data loss and recovery efforts. Apple's FileVault 2 encryption program is highly recommended as a best practice for protecting data, especially mobile users' confidential data.

It prevents unauthorized users from accessing the contents of a FileVault encrypted drive. Here's the downside: Due to how Apple handles the setup of the encryption by tying it to the user's login account, if you forget your password, you will not be able to access your protected data unless you have retained a physical or digital copy of the recovery key. By following any of the three methods below, armed with the all-powerful recovery key, you will be able to access your secured data if you or someone you're providing support for are unable to authenticate.

Click the? Click the arrow button to proceed. If successful, the key will unlock the encrypted startup disk and take you back to the login screen. The Reset Password overlay will appear, prompting you to enter and confirm a new password for your user account.

Forgot your Mac password? 3 ways to unlock startup disks encrypted with Apple's FileVault

A few lines below this value, you'll find the UUID. Copy this string for use in the next step. With the UUID, enter the following command to unlock the disk.

here If the command completes successfully, the drive will be unlocked and mounted in the session. Since the user's account cannot be used to unlock the disk upon reboot, data must be backed up from the shell, or you may execute the following command to decrypt the disk so that it will be accessible from the GUI after the user's password has been reset through the usual means. Note : This method requires a copy of the FileVaultMaster. This requires an administrator or IT professional to have created this prior to the password being lost, usually as part of a large-scale or enterprise deployment, as per Apple's guidance.

If your FileVaultMaster. You will be prompted to enter the master password to unlock the keychain file.

Part 2. How to Recover Lost Data on Mac after Reset

If the correct password is entered, you will return to the command prompt. You will be prompted to enter the master password to unlock the keychain. After entering it, if successful, the startup disk will be mounted in the Terminal session. Whether you need iPhone and Mac tips or rundowns of enterprise-specific Apple news, we've got you covered.