iPad apps come to the Mac and old 32-bit apps go away in a wide-ranging update.

They patch some today, but there will be more tomorrow. Fundamentally, the issue is that Java is a full-fledged programming language wrapped into a plugin. Yes, they try to wrap everything in sandboxes and other restrictions. But if you do need Java typically for internal corporate sites , be very very careful. And keep it updated.

Like 2. There are applications which require it as well. I know Crashplan did, I'm not sure if that is the case anymore. But, yes, this is not the plugin. Java itself gets a bad name for the problems regarding the plugin. Yes, Java gets a bad name due mainly because of the plugin. However, installing Java installs the plugin.

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You don't get a choice. And Java's track record for exploits speaks for itself, the reputation is deserved. So, if you want to use a program such as CrashPlan and install Java to use it, you've just made your computer more vulnerable. Ideally, programs like CrashPlan would bundle the Java runtime into the app itself.

Then you avoid having to install Java separately, which avoids the plugin mess. Many other apps on both Mac and Windows have done this already just one example is CyberDuck, starting with version 4. This does not take into account its extremely easy to disable the plugin in the browser and leave Java available for applications. In that light I do not believe it's a threat. Regardless, yes, you should not really have any major plugin running that you are not using but we should give all the facts. Which again, you do not need the plugin active to have Java.

Yes, if you absolutely need Java, you can always disable the plugin within the browser. For users that absolutely require Java, I do exactly that. However, two problems with that: 1.

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Vast majority of normal users either Mac or Windows don't do this precautionary step disable unneeded plugins , period. Even if they do or more realistically; I do it for them , plugins have a funny way of getting re-enabled. I've seen it countless times.


Download Java for OS X 2017-001

A Java auto-update or a new browser version, and next thing you know they're back in play. So as best practice, I tell people they shouldn't have Java installed at all. One should better install the Oracle JDK 7 or 8. It only installs the Java plugin for browsers. Apple Java can't be removed.

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There is no uninstaller. Well it states: "This update uninstalls the Apple-provided Java applet plug-in from all Web browsers. Personally I leave Java disabled in the browser, with the exception of one website, PayPal, that needs it to print international shipping labels, via Pitney Bowes. Why Pitney Bowes uses Java is beyond me.

And they only use it for the international labels, not the domestic ones. RavenNevermore replied: "Well it states: "This update uninstalls the Apple-provided Java applet plug-in from all Web browsers. My blunder. Thanks all. HelenaG, I've just made a very common mistake. They are two completely separate things. Back in the earliest days of the Internet, when it was assumed that Java was going to be the big hot thing, the creators of JavaScript wanted to ride the coat tails of Java's name.

This thread is referring only to the Java plugin. You can safely re-enable JavaScript in your browser and the web will magically start working again. IF this legacy fix does not remove potentially flawed Java versions - It seems to me, one needs to UNinstall current versions Java -- first. Its nice to see that Apple bumped the rev to to be clear. This Java is totally outdated. It can't be removed after installation.

Apple Java for Mac OS X 10.6

One can no longer choose which java version to use. This is crap. Java on OS X is totally flawed. Apple's installer actually removes the Java Internet Plug-in then has Safari ask the user if they want to install Java IF they at some point run into a Java applet on the Internet. Apple then points the user to the Oracle Java Plug-in installer on the net. Or it can be installed later before you install Adobe applications.

At runtime, when you launch an Adobe application, you are prompted to install Java if it is not already installed. If you do not install Java before running an Adobe application, there can be missing or improperly behaving features. If you encounter any issues, install Java to correct the problems.

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How to fix the no Java SE runtime problem for mac os x 10.8 and newer

On this page Issue Solution Additional information. Applies to: All Apps. Method 1. As soon as jEdit was run once, Mac OS forgets about its downloaded state and allows it to run normally. If for whatever reason you want to start the installer in text-only mode, specify text as the last parameter on the command line. In text only mode, the installer will not display it's GUI, and instead it will ask questions in the terminal window.

The repository is now also secured and signed. To verify the packages you have to install the public key with which the repository is signed.

  • Apple Message: “You need to install the legacy Java SE 6 runtime” – Iowa City Technology Services.
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This can be done by invoking apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver. If you prefer manual installation of.