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The Definitive Classic Mac Pro () Upgrade Guide

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How to Add USB-C to your Mac Pro - Sonnet Allegro USB 3.1 PCIe Review

I wanted to know, what exactly is that gray box to the left of the red PCIe rectangle? It must be some sort of heatsink.


I think the max is 2, one in slot 1 and another one in slots 2 and 3, which leaves slot 4 available for…? The gray box is actually a cooling fan.

Know your Mac Pro's Model

It does move back and forth to accommodate installation of longer cards, but usually just sits in that position. There is nothing underneath. Technically, you CAN put in up to 4 video cards — it just depends on how many slots those video cards take up. Hey Chris, thanks a lot for the quick reply.

This Old Mac Pro (overhauled my 2009 Mac Pro, yielding impressive results)

Video capture cards are also called TV tuner cards, right? BTW, good to know about the cooling fan to the left of the PCIe slots, it sure looks big and efficient do you know its characteristics? It must be a necessity in the case of two dual-slot video cards. And I have another question. Do you know of other full-sized computers that have such a good design?

Actually, when I mentioned video capture, I was referring to something more along the lines of the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro , which can be used to capture live, uncompressed video from a HDV camera. These units are external enclosures that hold a number of drives, which are accessed via a cable to the RAID card. I am looking to purchase a second optical drive for my new Mac Pro For testing I used an entry level Early Mac Pro with single 2.

My question; is this card useful in ? The card was untested when I asked to borrow it SellYourMac. I looked for a special connection on the board that maybe this card would slot into when seated in the PCI slot but did not find that either. Routing all those cables around the other PCI cards would be a mess!

OWC’s Mercury Accelsior SSD: Blistering Fast

Well I was wrong. With the card in place and 3x1TB drives installed, time to see what this card is all about. The end result is a 3TB volume with a nifty little icon assigned by macOS. Time for a performance test!

https://rhein-bayern.de/components Depending on how long this card had been on the shelf, this could take up to 12 hours. Without the battery there is no write cache but luckily the cache can be forced on with the click of a button. With the write cache enabled I ran the test again.

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Merging three of these drives together gave me almost triple the ideal speeds. The battery is nice but anyone that values their data, on a RAID or otherwise, will have their Mac connected to a battery backup anyway. This might be a big deal when Terabytes of data are flowing in and out of the volume all day every day but whatever test I threw at it showed no additional pressure on the CPU.

RAM performance: Let’s take a look at performance and multitasking.

I guess this card provides a higher and more consistent speed then? To test this, the RAID set was destroyed and the card was removed but not before receiving a warning from RAID Utility 3 hours after installing it that unfortunately the battery had failed. With the battery confirmed dead, the write cache disabled itself. After a restart the button reappeared but the restart after that it was gone again, very inconsistent.

Not only was this done in under a minute, the speeds were actually better than those I got with the RAID card installed. And not only was this setup faster, there was no difference in CPU load even with very large data transfers. The speeds were consistent on OS X Things may have been different back in when this card was released. After running all the updates I repeated the tests and found the same speed with the card the one time I was able to activate the write cache and the same speeds with the RAID set up in Disk Utility.

As AJA is not available for Mirrored RAID 1 2.