Apple AirPort Extreme WiFi 802.11ac Upgrade Kit w/Adapter For MacPro 1,1-5,1

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Connect the new Broadcom card with adapter to the mini PCIe port. Carefully reconnect your previously attached Wi-Fi antenna cables to the appropriate port on the new card following the schematic provided by OSXwifi. Screw the board back in to the motherboard.

You'll only need to re-attach one screw. Connect the supplied antenna extender cable to the J3 bluetooth terminal. Pass the extender behind the metal post.

Disconnect the old Bluetooth antenna cable. Attach the old Bluetooth antenna to the supplied antenna extender. Connect the USB power cable to the two prongs on the new Broadcom adapter. Disconnect the power cable on the old Bluetooth card. Pass the USB power adapter behind the metal post. Re-connect the CPU tray and case panel and restart your Mac. The software solution Once restarted, you may need to re-pair your bluetooth connected devices. Download the beta version of the Continuity Activation Tool. Restart your Mac holding Command-R to restart in recovery mode. Enter the command csrutil disable.

Type in reboot. Once logged back in to your account start the Continuity Activation Tool. Enter your password. Enter option 1. Follow the on-screen prompts and reboot the Mac. Test AirDrop from Finder.

  • 2. Remove CPU/RAM tray.
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  • Adding an Airport WiFi Card to a Mac Pro.
  • And another AirDrop capable iOS device. If successful, restart your Mac holding Command-R. Ask Question. Asked 5 years ago.

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    Active 3 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 11k times. Tetsujin 67k 15 15 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Great answer! Just ordered mine from OS X Wifi. Didn't upgrade to Priority International so hopefully it arrives soonish.

    Correct Wi-fi antenna wirering?

    Didn't know about them until reading your post, which is great because macvidcards. Jason Salaz Jason Salaz My Most Embarrassing Mistakes as a Programmer so far. Pull it lightly towards yourself and it should disconnect from the Bluetooth card. Make a mental note that this antenna wire has a tag with "BT" on it, indicating it is the Bluetooth wire.

    Mac/OS X compatible ac Wifi adapters (USB, PCIe, Mini-PCIe)

    You may now pull the card out and set it aside. Look at your current Wifi card. On the left side you will see three more antenna wires similar to the one that was on your Bluetooth card. Detach these by lightly pulling on them.

    Installing WiFi in a Mac Pro steps …

    Use the same screwdriver from earlier to remove the two screw directly above and below where the antennas were connected. Once you have removed the screws pull the card to the left, removing it from its port and set the card aside. Grab your new Wifi and Bluetooth card. All of the antennas that you disconnected from your previous cards will need to be attached to this card.