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The product key is printed on a card that came with Microsoft Office or it is sometimes on the receipt. Select your country or region and language and click Next. Use the drop-down below where you enter the product key to select your language, and country or region. Click next when you are finished. Check Automatic Renewal and click Next. Use the switch to turn automatic renewal on or off.

By default automatic renewal is turned on. Fill out your credit card information and click Next. If you are using automatic renewal, you will need to fill out the form with your credit card information. Your credit card will automatically be charged when your activation period is over and Microsoft Office needs to renew. Click Next. You will be taken to your Microsoft Account web page where you can download Microsoft Office. Click Install. It's below the first box that tells you how many installs you can use. This will take you to a page with the install information. It's across from the install information.

This will download a Microsoft Office setup file. Use the setup file to Install Microsoft Office. The lead-in to this article says it is for Windows and Mac. Does Method 1 above work for a Mac? There is no Windows button on a Mac. Method 1 will also work for Mac.

Yes No.

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Answer this question Flag as Flag as Can I activate a key directly on the computer when I open Office or do I have to go to the version of Office that is already on my computer? Is it a subscription? And Microsoft Office itself is an attack vector for the bad guys — they can create malicious files that can crash your Office software and then run code on your computer which has the potential to take it over or install very bad things on it.

So, the bottom line is that by continuing to use Office , you have an ever-increasing security risk to you, your computer and your data. Although initial reports suggest Office works just fine on macOS Unless you need absolute file compatibility with Office for Windows, non-Microsoft Office software is very good, and some of it is free:. Cast a highly questioning eye on any other sites that purport to offer Office downloads.

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As you've noted above, you'll need the digit product key to download an Office suite from a Microsoft website. You may be able to bypass that step by accessing a direct download from HeiDoc. Typically the product key is on the box or CD case for your Office suite. However, if you can't find it, there are a number of free programs you can use to extract the product key from a computer that already has your version of Office installed.

My personal favorite is ProduKey from Nirsoft, as no installation is required.

Goodbye Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac?

Once you download ProduKey, you can double-click on ProduKey. If you've lost or cannot access your product key, your only recourse is to purchase a new license to Microsoft Office. Presently, only Office is available for retail sale. David H.

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Ringstrom, CPA, is an author and nationally recognized instructor who teaches scores of webinars each year. His Excel courses are based on over 25 years of consulting and teaching experience. I've tried this. It only gives a day trial. Now that the 30 days is over, now what?

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I am using my laptop that has no CD drive, plus I don't know my product key. I had to reboot my computer and I wanted to know how can I re install Office without the product key.

Office 2011 for Mac Direct Download Links

The first time I rebooted I didn't need the code. I read on Microsoft's website that if you downloaded online office that there is no longer a product key associated with that version of office. Are you still able to reinstall? What you may have read about is a version of Excel that is made available by way of the Office subscription.

Office Mac 2011 Product Key Generator Free 2019

It's in this instance that you won't get a product key, but instead will have to log in to Excel by way of your Microsoft account. You can still purchase "shrink-wrapped" versions of Office that have a product key, but Microsoft is doing its best to move us all to subscribing to its software. It's just proceeding at a glacial pace. I recently purchased and downloaded 2 licenses for Microsoft Office I purchased these using my Microsoft Account. When I did this, I received via email the license keys to both products. So Yes, you DO get a license key for Office Instead, you activate it by logging into your Microsoft account after the software is downloaded and installed.

The Microsoft Office is a one-time purchase and costs more, but does not have to be renewed. Hope that helps to clarify. I have product key with me I wanted to install MS office in my new computer and uninstall from my old computer. Will this work?? Lynn, Microsoft did try the Draconian one-computer period licensing with Office , but rather quickly capitulated.

The licensing is still for one computer, but you can uninstall from one and reinstall on another now. Thank you for your great contributions to this thread! Thank you, you saved my hide. I do not need the key now but feared to need it in a future occasion. Produkey helped me in about 2 minutes.

Definitely helpful. I had lost my product key and spent an hour on the phone with Microsoft. Their argument was that it was my responsibility. Thanks, Manuel!