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I'm sticking with Satin Taupe - thanks for the comparison swatches.

MAC Permanent Eye shadow Swatches : Neutrals Part 3

Sable looks lovely on your friend. I wish it would look good on me. I find that it pulls too red on my skin tone. Don't even know why, since I am pretty warm toned. Maybe it will look better when I get a little darker. Mulch, Satin Taupe and Tempting look better on me.

Any tips on making this shadow work? It's collecting dust. It's such a shame, really. It's amazing how different the colors can look depending on your skin tone! I also have this, but it barely shows up at all because it's a near match for my skin tone. You look fab with it. Danielle - You must check it out!! LisaClare - Thanks hun! It's a perfect everyday shade!

MAC Eyeshadow x 9

Laiqah - Ohh I'll have to check out Soba now.. Alex Kay - Sable is great for warm skin tones.. Satin Taupe is great on all skin tones! Coz the more you pack it on, the more the brown tones show.. Also wear Mulch on the crease and some eyeliner.. Try that and lemme know how it works yah?

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Eden-Avalon - I know right?! Try packing it on your lids.. The colour will come out for sure coz it's a Frost. Sooo lovely! I've liked it for quite some time, but haven't bought it yet. Nice with the swatches with Satin Taupe and Mulch to so that you can compare! Great post as always!

MAC Eye Shadow | Brown Thomas

Xo love the blog, new follower :. I like to use it all over the lid for a quick look. L: Satin Taupe all over the lid, with Handwritten in the crease. R: Sable, Sketch, and Handwritten. Last row is reserved for my darkest shades: Smut, Handwritten, and Sketch. Pretty happy with it so far. I think it would be perfect for a brown, smoky eye, too. Along with Sable, this is one of my favorite MAC eyeshadows as well.

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  • A highly pigmented powder that applies evenly and blends well..

And, fine, Smut, too. Sometimes, I throw in Humid into the mix, too. Love the vid! Shempre the first thing I noticed was your polish, hehe. What did you use there? It looked like my kind of green. My favorites in your set are Trax and Soba.

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  5. Actually, if you can get them elsewhere, try to! The markup here is a bit high. Ooh yeah I have some contacts from the US, maybe I can get them to grab me some!

    Natural Going Out Look ♡ MAC Satin Taupe and Naked Lunch

    Thanks for the tip! My favorite is the Amber Lights look!

    mac sable or mulch

    Glad you liked my picks! I havr serious palette envy right now! I picked this color because I think this will be a perfect match for Satin Taupe. If Satin Taupe looks darker for you, then this is for you! When you apply on the lids, it gives like rose gold color on your lids, but really natural. It is perfect when you want to go with something feminine, but you want to keep it simple! I spotted two similar colors from the palette, which are Toasted and Hustle.

    It probably doesn't show what I mean, but in real life, they are like twins! And I was like 'Shoot, I wasted my money! The result was: I didn't waste my money. Satin Taupe and Hustle look similar, like sisters on the pans, but you can see that's a huge different! Satin Taupe is lighter taupe, but Hustle is darker taupe.


    Sable and Toasted look pretty similar even on my hands, but Toasted is darker than Sable. It's really smooth, crazy pigmented, and really blendable. They're both pigmented and blendable, but MAC is smoother.